Monday, January 17, 2011


I have been laying Vada in her crib over the past week for both her nap times and for her bed time. It has been a struggle, to say the least. Nap times are much easier than dealing with her at bed time. She goes down easy enough, but in the evenings she keeps waking up. Since I am trying to have her sleep in her crib verses with us I have to stay all of the way awake while nursing her. I used to just lay down with her on my side and we would drift off together in our bed. I think also that she is teething. Which is something I have been throwing out there as a possibility for quite some time now, but I do believe to be true. Her baby gums are starting to really swell at the bottom level and you can tell that those teeth are there, just not cutting through yet. I have given baby Tylenol to her and sometimes it seems to help, but she will still wake up either way, just not as often. However, I don't want to give it to her every night because I am still uncertain that she needs it.

Anyway, that is besides the point...,

Today, I laid Vada down for her nap. When I laid her down she was asleep. About ten minutes into the nap I hear her fish tank going. I have it on a water setting, so it sounds like waves and such. There was no school today so Jasmine was wandering around and I asked her if she had turned on the tank. She said that she hadn't, so I got up to go investigate.

When I went into Vada's room she was laying down and asleep. I thought it was odd but I believed Jasmine so I brushed it off as a fluke.

It takes something like ten to fifteen minutes before the fish tank turns off on its own and eventually I no longer heard the sound of waves. What I did hear was a grumpy baby make a squeal and then the water turned back on. This time, Jasmine was sitting right next to me. Her and I both looked at each other in amazement and jumped up. I grabbed my camera and we went to Vada's crib side.

This time she was looking at the tank.

A couple of months ago I tried to show Vada how to turn it on. While she was watching I would push the button at the bottom and say "on" and then I would do it again and say "off". After doing that several times I took her had and repeated the motions having her do it.

Today, I thought for sure she had figured it out and was using her tank like we would an alarm clock. The on/off button was like her very own snooze button. However, as I stood there watching and waiting, anticipating on seeing her do this, I saw something a bit different.

Vada likes the tank sounds. It seems to always sooth her. We turn it on when ever she lays down and each time she wakes up. What was happening was Vada was waking up, lifting her head to fuss but bumping the tanks on/off button and turning the sounds off. In return I think it was soothing her (or knocking her out) and she would lay back down until the music stopped. Im thinking that she wasn't intentionally hitting her head to turn it on and that it was just an accident, but it was pretty exciting either way.

Needless to say we moved the tank from the side to the feet of her bed. While it was helping, I don't want her banging her head on it either way.

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