Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Memories Software Giveaway

Alright, here it finally is...
I have been playing around with the My Memories software for around three weeks and each time I get more and more excited with what I've done or find that I am able  to do with the program-- it's great and you don't have to know a thing about traditional scrapbooking to enjoy it. My Memories is affordable, mess free, easy to learn and simple to use. You can customize practically every aspect of everything that is offered. You can rotate items, angle items, adjust the size of your images, as well as add textures, designs and even embellishments.  I have shared some of the different things that I have done with this particular software here, here, herehere and here. However, what I have shared is only a very, very, small fraction of what is actually available.

For me, my favorite thing (so far) is that I get so many different options for photo layouts and again, these too are customizable (Is that a word??).  For scrapbooking or photo books you can make all of your pages through the program and then print them out and store them however you'd like-- completely mess free! Photo layouts and scrapbooking are not the only things that you can do with this software, you can make cards and even videos as well, although I have yet to venture that far into the program. Really, it seems as if the possibilities are endless!

My Memories Suite offers a lot of free design downloads and hundreds of low-priced "paper packs", and templates and they are constantly offering new items-- just like if you were going to a specialty store! Their website also has a blog that you can keep up to date with, see what others have done and shared as well as submit your own work. 

Today I am giving you, my readers, the opportunity to win a free copy of the My Memory Suite 2011-- that way you can see for yourself all of the fun things that the software offers.

 Here are the rules:

1. Go to My Memories Gallery.

2. Pick your favorite layout, it doesn't matter which one you choose, just make it one that you fancy and then tell me which one it is and why you like it-- through a comment on this post.

Simple enough? You have one full week. Next Friday (September 16 , 2011)  I will randomly pick a name from the comments (if there is more than one) and announce the winner that day.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing the My Memories Suite v2 software, if you use this code STMMMS54442 you will get $10.00 off of the software as well as an additional $10.00 off from a purchase from store.

I've added the The Tutorial Video so you get an idea of how to use the program as well as what is in it:


Sarai said...

I love all the lay outs. The red, white and blue ones. I especially like the Autumn glow.
Thanks and congrats on your first giveaway!!!

Mindy said...

I like the "Roll Tide -Game Day" layout because I decorated my 1 yr old sons room in polka dots. Now I'm a sucker for polka dots.

Love your blog (I'm friends with Terwillegers). I hope I'm not too much of a stalker! :)

Charity said...

I love the CT Helena Monteiro layout because I love the color blue and it has airpane (airplanes) on it. Lex is plane/boat/car/truck/train obsessed right now.