Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Smallest Bumble Bee

The Upside of Down syndrome Quad City Family group and GiGi's of the QC has some upcoming fundraisers in the works and The Mad Potter (a paint your own pottery studio) offered to donate a couple of their platters to help raise money through silent auctions. Each one of us was invited to bring our children (young and old) into Potter's studio to have their finger prints done-- the studios idea for the platters has to do with turning the finger prints into lady bugs, bumble bee's and flowers. Since I had Jasmine and Kiliegh with me I let them decide what V's prints should be turned into and they chose yellow bumble bees. 

Vada'd sweet thumb was sponged up with paint and squished onto the two plates. When the platters are finished her name should be by her print as well. However if that idea ends up being vetoed, it'll still be easy to find-- just look for the smallest bumble bee print on the plate and that'll be hers!

I love all of these different things that Vada gets to be a part of. It's very exciting for our family to be able to join in as well. Justin and I are proud of our children and we feel blessed that Vada will have many wonderful opportunities through our family group and of course through GiGi's Playhouse to be an influential part of our community!

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