Friday, September 16, 2011

From Yellow to Blue

This evening Jasmine was promoted in Karate again. She went from a yellow belt to a blue one. She has been going to classes anywhere from once a week to four times a week for several months now, with the exception of a few weeks during the summer. She helps teach up to twice a week and just last week she stayed late to help a brown belt who has not been to classes in quite some time and needed a refresher course. Jasmine's confidence has improved so much. She talks about herself and her accomplishments humbly but with a proud tone to her voice, it's really been neat to watch her grown over this year, not just in karate but in all areas of her life. She makes me so proud! She's a pretty amazing girl.

Justin was able to come and watch the whole ceremony. With his work schedule he usually has to leave early and doesn't get the opportunity to see her get handed her new belt. Tonight Jasmine was the highest rank in her class and was awarded her blue belt first and because of this he was able to finally see this part of the ceremony. He's a proud Daddy too. He loves Jasmine and he tries to always be at these things for her because he knows that its important for her to have him there. I love that she will have these memories of him being there for her. That's one of the many reasons that she calls him "Dad", he's earned that title.

Yellow is pretty but in this case blue is better!

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