Friday, September 16, 2011

Dollar Junker's Yard Store

Everything from TOOLS (over 10 tables of tools) to glass ware, walkers to wheel barrels, canes to candle sticks. It's the Farm and Fleet of yard sales!!! A must see and a can't miss gala event. Pick up a large coffee and make it your first stop.

My Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law holds the most amazing yard sales. They are Huge and the sales are known. When people see his signs they know that they are bound to find what they are looking for, unless your looking for clothes. Typically, there are no clothes but anything else and you'll get it.

All of these shelve are full of working power tools!!!

Today we broke Vada in on her yard selling. Soon, she'll be Grandpa and Grandma's lil' helper. She will be running around finding all kinds of "treasures" to bring home, ringing the bell on the register and helping price items with Grandpa's pricing gun. Being a Wilson is so much fun!

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