Friday, September 30, 2011

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Many of you may not know this but October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

I would love to share what Down syndrome is really all about-- from my perspective and experiences!

So, come on... ask me some questions, I would love to answer them! Feel free to email me with your questions or leave them in the comment section below.

Today I want to express the importance of choosing your words wisely. You may not realize that by rearranging your current ways of thinking as well as the words that you speak you can actually stop a great deal of discomfort and even pain!

My daughter and other individuals who have Down syndrome HAVE IT. They are not Down syndrome and should never be referred to as being Down syndrome or being Down's.

Vada is a child who happens to have Down syndrome she is not a "Down's child".

I want more than anything for Vada to be looked at as a person, not as one of her many diagnosis.

While I know that the majority of the people who read my posts are kind and caring people, who mean no harm have the power to silently break my heart over and over again and if the situation were reversed and if I were doing something that I knew hurt others who I cared for  I would want to know and I would want to change what I was doing. That is why this is my first post for the first day of Down syndrome awareness month. I think it's a very important lesson that we should all learn in regards to anyone with or with out Down syndrome. People are people first. 


CM said...

I love this picture of Vada!

Twilson9608 said...

Thank you!