Thursday, September 22, 2011

Positive Experiences

I think of "Down syndrome" on a daily basis. I read about it through emails, blog posts and on Facebook but it is on a rare occasion that I look into the eyes of my own daughter who happens to have Down syndrome, and see it.

More than anything I want Vada to be accepted by others. I want her to be included, valued and loved throughout her life and I want others who have Down syndrome as well as any other intellectual differences to have the same. I often write about Down syndrome or post interesting articles for others to read and hopefully to learn from but I don't do it for the reasons that some may think. Sometimes I feel like because I am so comfortable with our life and the fact that God has blessed us with a child who has Down syndrome that I don't need to share these things because ultimately, Vada already has all of the things that I want for her here, under our roof and in our family. Then I realize that while she may spend the rest of her days living at home, she wont always be under our roof and because of that I have a duty to try to reach others who are unaware, like I once was.

All life, is beautiful. Every child that is created and brought to us has value and meaning. God gives us children for a purpose, He has a plan for each and everyone. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would have a child with any kind of "disability" and while that is how Vada is labeled medically, I don't see her any differently than I do Jasmine or Kiliegh, my older daughters. To me, Vada is just one of my girls.

Today I posted this article on Facebook; Parents,Siblings and People With Down Syndrome Report Positive Experiences, it's a interesting report and it made me realize once again how Vada's Down syndrome diagnosis has only meant wonderful things for our family. I realize that for her, she will have a more difficult journey ahead of her than her older sisters may have and in many ways she already has. We know that she will have to work harder to achieve certain goals and it may take her longer than the "average" person but that's all okay we will be walking beside her when she needs us and following when she doesn't. I didnt take this survey but I am part of the 99% who loves my child who has Down syndrome. I am part of the 79% who's outlook on life is better because I have her in it. I have no regrets, I have only love and hope for Vada as well as for Jasmine and Kiliegh. I share articles on Down syndrome because I also have a hope that it may help create a better and more accepting future for my children and isn't that what all parents want?


Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree! Wonderful post. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! So glad I found your blog; it's good to connect with other awesome moms, like you :)

Janie Fox said...

Truth here. You are blessed and so is Vada.