Monday, August 29, 2011

My First Try and Give A Way

I am in the process of launching my first give a way!

Truthfully, I am a little excited about it! It's nothing noble and it's nothing promoting a great cause which I hope to some day be a part of, but it is something fun and crafty and to one of my readers it's going to be free!

Some of my favorite past times are blogging, photography and scrapbooking and that's why this program is especially exciting to me. By using this program I can combine all three of these activities together but don't necessarily have to.

Within the next couple of days I will be posting more information not only on the program but how you can win a free copy of your very own-- from me!

Now, I realize that this example is not overly impressive but it is my very first attempt. Time has been limited and I hope to get some more done soon and I plan on sharing as I make them.

Stay tuned...


Sarai said...

How exciting!! :)

krlr said...

Meant to say thanks for stopping by the other day! You have such a beautiful little girl! I'm not usually so terribly busy & look forward to reading.