Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Climber

A couple of days ago Justin put Vada into the center of the ring while he went to make her lunch. When he came back into the living room she was on the outside of it. He asked Kiliegh is she had removed her from the center and she said that she hadn't. Turns out Vada bravely climbed up and over the ring and quietly plopped onto the floor where she sat waiting for her lunch.

Today, I took the ring out. We have been working on squatting and climbing with Vada during physical therapy and I wanted to get in a little time with her. Sometimes Kim (V's PT) asks me questions that seem so obvious but I cant give her an answer. An example would be when she had asked me somewhere along the lines of this question; "Does Vada let go of what she is holding onto while standing and fall onto her butt?" It was when Vada had restarted therapy, after her heart surgery. I didn't know. I didn't think that she did but I hadn't paid enough detailed attention. Another recent question was about Vada shifting her weight from one side to another, or squatting to pick something up. These are all things, when asked, that I felt I should know but didn't and I am always with Vada. They are things however, that I am just not used to watching for. I'm getting better though!

I watched Vada play, process, try, attempt and succeed.

She lifted one leg and then the next. She shifted her weight back and forth.

She expressed her concerns and her need to be freed.

She used her arm and even core muscles.

She picked her destination, her goal and then she sat out to get to that exact spot.

And she did it. Over and out the wall made of colorful plastic, only this time Mommy was there to make the landing a little softer than it might have been the first time she escaped.

After her break out I moved the ring to the couch and watched as she began to climb on it again.

I wasn't actually ready for what was about to happen so I didn't get pictures of her doing it but immediately after placing the ring on it's side Vada climbed in and up onto the couch! It was almost effortlessly. I was shocked and thrilled and then disappointed because my camera wasn't ready to get this momentous accomplishment and of course once I did turn my camera on she didn't do it again. Oh well, this was only the beginning of what's to come!

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