Monday, August 22, 2011

The Second Time Around

The girls' first week of school went well. Easy. No homework, not even a full week. It was more like an adjustment period. This week however, is the real week. It's Monday morning and is the beginning of a whole new school year. I think that homework may start today, at least for Kiliegh, who's teacher mentioned it already. Jasmine and her grade in general may be receiving an extended break for another week or so. Jr. High is a major step from Elementary-- but I may be wrong. Jasmine may plop down into the car this afternoon with a frown on her face and a complaint of how terrible the evening is going to be because of all that she has to do. I hope not but I know better than to hope... just kidding, I know better than to expect happiness attached with homework. Hey, I was once a homework hating kid, I get it. Heck, sometimes, even now as an adult I dislike homework. I cant expect smiles and good moods attached with it, I just expect them to get it done and to do their best.
On the left side was Kiliegh's first day of First grade. On the right was Kiliegh's "first" (fifth) day of Third grade.


2009 First and Fourth grade/2011 Third and Sixth grade
How funny is it that they are dressed so similar to two years ago? Kiliegh has her hair cut and styled the same. They are both in similar flip flops and Kiliegh is using the same back pack... Funny.

Anyway, I know that I already talked about the first day of school last week, but Kiliegh was at her bio's, therefore I made today her honorary second {first day of school}. Jasmine was a willing participant as well. Every year (except for last year when Vada and I were in the hospital) I get their pictures together so I was grateful for Jasmine's willingness to smile and pose for me once again. She's kind of out growing the stage where its fun to have your picture taken, at least from your parents and she is even a little self conscience of her surroundings when I am taking her pictures. I get it, I do but the first day of a new grade is an important one and she will have to bare with me because I am going to continue to take pictures every year, even into their college years. It's in my contract of Motherhood.

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