Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This morning I was checking my email and I ran across this article. I shared it on my Face Book page and then followed it up with a personal comment, only to have that comment constantly removed. So, I thought that I would share it here. To fully understand what I am referring to please read the short article that I have attached a link to above.

This was my comment in reference to the news article...

This is what we face and what we are fighting against.

Genetic testing.

What's wrong with this, you ask? This test, (the one that you will read about, if you click on the link above) is made to screen for Down syndrome and has, in general, been created to help eliminate the chances of children being born with it. 

Let me rephrase. The MaterniT21  test was created to give parents earlier results and a safer method (just in case the fetus doesn't have Down syndrome), to test for this syndrome and other abnormalities. That way abortion can be done sooner into the pregnancy. How thoughtful for the baby. This test is not creating awareness. It doesn't come with education or pictures of beautiful children who have been diagnosed with one thing or another. No, millions of dollars have been spent and even lost on this test so that we too can join in and eliminate more babies who are born like my Vada. 

That is what's wrong with this test.

Did you know that in some countries they have pre-set goals to be "Down syndrome free" by a certain time frame. How could anyone be okay with that? How could you look at this test and think "Oh, this is great." Let me tell you now, don't be fooled, this test is not great, this test is murder with a ignorant prejudices attached to it. 

I hate these kinds of articles. Hate them. I can. not. stand. the false messages that are in them and I am constantly dumbfounded in how others can look at tests like this one, as a positive form of progress.

Abortion was the first option that we were given after our amniocentesis. (The only reason we chose to do the test was due to all of the medical issues with Vada's heart and stomach. Prior to finding out about her complications we had declined this test not once, not twice but several times.)  That option came from practically every doctor and nurse that we encountered. As if we hadn't known. It was on rare occasions that we might have been told (from any medical professional) that Vada had value, or of the things that she would accomplish, the love she would bring or even the laughter that she would share. It was however common to feel unsupported in our choice to continue with our pregnancy, other than from the great love that we were showered with by our immediate and even church family). 

I am blessed that God had already worked in mine and my husbands hearts prior to receiving the positive Down syndrome test result for Vada.

 I am grateful that abortion was NEVER an option or even a thought that I was willing to "ponder on". 

We were gifted with great support from our family and friends and there are too many people who are left feeling afraid and alone in situations like these. Therefore, they rely on the ignorance's of their doctors-who are suppose to be "experts in their fields". The truth of what a Down syndrome diagnosis is and could be are very rarely given in a positive light

For our situation, I will say this.., the specialist that we had in Peoria did give abortion as our first option but the moment that I told her "No, I am keeping may baby." She never brought it up again. From that moment forward she only listened to our plans and she supported them. That too, is rare.

My daughters are ALL amazing and my life is better because of their differences, unique strengths and their lives in general. I am blessed that I didn't need to be told of Vada's potentials, I already knew and that is all I want to do for others-to tell the truth about Down syndrome, there is more then one side.

I am proud to be Pro-Life. I will never stand out side of a building and throw red paint on you or condemn you with my words for the choices that you make-because I am not your judge and jury but I will never be okay with murder and to me, that's exactly what abortion is. You will never hear the words "Abortion is okay" coming from my voice and I will continue to share our truths. 

IDSC posted this on their Face Book page,  so I can not claim this perfect statement to be mine, but it is just that, perfect! " If it offends you that I am Pro-life then I need to come clean and tell you this. I find it offensive that people advocate to take the life of a child during pregnancy, just because that child is like my child." I couldn't even write that without tearing up. 

I ask only one thing from those of you who have taken the time to fully read through this (no matter where you stand on this issue). Take a good look at my daughters face. Would you willingly tell her that she has no value? No worth? Would you tell her that she doesn't deserve the kind of treatment that those who do not have Down syndrome deserve? Should we cast her aside because society tell us that she is not perfect? The answer to all of the above should be "No", was for you?


1719 said...

I love your post, Tara! And I love your baby girl. :)

Amy said...

I'm right there with you!

There was a 1/4 page advertisement in my local paper on Sunday, for a specialist seeking pregnant women for early diagnosis of Ds and "specialized" care. This specialist is one of those who would love to eliminate EVERY unborn child w/Ds.

Totally sickens me...

Twilson9608 said...

1719-Kate? And Amy, I agree sickening and heart breaking.

April Vernon said...

I feel the same & that stupid test has been on my heart a lot this year. Here is an interesting article I found...http://blog.bioethics.net/2009/09/will-the-down-syndrome-children-disappear/

Some of the wording isn't PC but it is nice to hear someone say that a part of our humanity will be lost if there are fewer children with Ds in the world.

Lacey said...

I wish there was more that we could do. I've even thought of sending papers to OB/GYN's offices, giving them newer info on DS, and pictures of our sweet kids. Informing them so hopefully they'll stop using abortion as an option!

EN said...

Amen, Tara! I only wish everyone had the opportunity to experience the magic in the extra chromosome so that they would realize that God makes individuals with Down syndrome purposefully and that they are a blessing. Keep up the amazing work spreading the word. Everyone who has the good fortune of meeting Vada will know that this world is a better place because she's in it.

Leah said...

This is a beautiful and powerful post. I have struggled to put my feelings on this issue into words since my own daughter's birth 7 months ago. And I have never been this articulate and clear. It is so true. It's not a cure that is being sought but the opportunity to kill all the children like ours. Children with incredible and wonderful value. Thank you for posting so eloquently.