Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salt Water Bliss or Miss

I have a fond memory of a student consular at one of the residential placements that I was in. She was a sweet girl who often did fun things for and with us girls. One of my favorite memories of her was when she brought in homemade salt water taffy for all of us to try. She had pulled it herself and it was delicious! Once she tried to make it with a few of us girls. I think it was too humid and the taffy didn't turn out right but we all ate it anyway. It's a fun memory and I have thought about doing making the candy with my girls on many occasions. So, when I flipping through my cookbook in search of something new for dinner and saw the recipe, I couldn't help but smile, get out the ingredients and grab the girls.

Remembering how fun attempting this recipe was when I was younger I thought that the girls would enjoy it as well. When I told them what we were going to make they were instantly interested. Sugar and candy.., what kid wouldn't be?

The concoction had to boil for around forty-five minutes so the girls quickly lost their excitement in the process and on more than one occasion.

However, the girls were always close to the kitchen and every so often they would peek in just to make sure that they hadn't missed out on anything.

Once the syrup had boiled to it's set temperature I poured it out and let it cool. Then, I slopped a gooey blob into Jasmine and Kiliegh's hands and they began to pull...

Vada watched with interest...

The best part of making taffy, besides eating it, is the hands on process of pulling it.

Looking back through the pictures I cant help but wonder how much fingernail polish may have chipped off into the candy and I am glad that we didn't give any of it away.

After a great deal of pulling and a lot of muscle work, I cut the ropes of candy into bite sized pieces...

... and then finally, the moment they waited around two hours for... their first taste of the candy that they made.

Truthfully, I think that we over cooked it and it went into the garbage the next day but at least we have this memory together.

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