Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The One Who Made Me Mom

Today, my oldest, Jasmine started Junior High. She was so excited. So very, very excited and a bit nervous as well.

She likes to talk fast. She think's that its a cool thing to do but this morning she was talking a mile a minute and her voice had a nervous shake to it making it that much harder to understand. I actually had to tell her to slow down, which is something she hears a lot but something I really meant more this time than ever before!

Lately, I find myself staring at her. She is growing up so quickly, all three of them are actually, but she was my first. Each child brings something different into the family setting. She was the first to begin to mold me into a better person. She made me less selfish and more patient. She made me a mom.

When she got in the car, after school, I was adding a doctors appointment to my calendar and put my finger up the moment she began talking. I had hoped to have had the date programmed in before she got to the car but the moment she saw me she ran over, my fingers weren't quick enough and I felt badly but she patiently waited. Once I gave her the go ahead she began to eagerly filling me in on what her first day was like. It sounded a lot like camp to me but then again it was only orientation.

I look forward to hearing more stories. Hopefully, positive ones, where she made good choices. I pray every day for my children before I take them to school. Now that they are getting older I feel as if I need to pray more. You can never pray too much and with so many negative influences out there I feel as if they need all the strength they can get. Jasmine is a good girl though, she has a good head on her shoulders and I know that over all she will make us proud.

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Janie Fox said...

Jr high! How exciting..I thought I read HS on facebook as was surprised. This makes more sense. Maybe I should try to comprehend when I read! haha Hang on because it goes fast and it will HS the next time you blink. I,like you pray and haven't stopped since they started growing and mine are all grown ...t it never ends!!
PS You have the best songs!