Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 for 21: Walking

We had so much to be grateful for at this years walk. We raised a nice amount in donations. It was a beautiful day and Justin, his parents and Vada were all able to come! Last year V was confined, Justin was working and his parents stayed back to take care of V so that Jasmine, Kiliegh and I could participate. Justin was not suppose to be at the walk this year, he was suppose to be working but his company did a shut down which put him onto the night shift. So technically he shoud have been at home sleeping when he was walking but being the daddy that he is he couldn't stay back.

I wish I could tell you how many people showed up. It amazed me last year and even more so this year. It seems as if our group is growing and I think that in itself is a beautiful thing!

To the right in the below picture is the Sparkle Spartan's Cheerleaders. If you haven't heard of this group you have to go check them out. Seriously, go now, i'll wait.

For those of you who skipped ahead without checking out this amazing group tisk, tisk and I got you because I am going to tell you about them anyway. Sarah Cronk of Bettendorf Iowa started and coached the very first inclusive cheer leading squad-- The Spartan Sparkles. Sarah was only fifteen years old when put this group into action. Now at the young age of eighteen she has won numerous awards like the "Well Done Award", the "Caring Award", the Amazing Athlete Award", and most recently the "2011 Do Something Award" which in return earned her the grand price of $100,000.00!

Sarah's goal is to encourage the world to abandon their out dated perceptions of what "normal" is and encourages others to embrace diversity. Her mission has been acknowledged by the media in many ways and she has been seen on shows such as MTV as well as on Oprah!

Pretty cool, right? Every time I read the stories about these amazing cheer leaders,  I get chills. This is a testimony of love and acceptance and we could learn a bit from these kids and from Sarahs mission.

Hooray for The Sparkle Effect!! Hooray!

We found Vada's pictures not once...

... but twice along our walk!

Seeing all of these people, many who are strangers, come together for this cause was one of my favorite things to see. The line seemed to have no end and no beginning. They stretched as far as the eyes could see. It was a beautiful site!

Vada had no problem napping. As soon as the walk began she was out. She slept in my arms, in Grandma's and then in Grandpa's. She slept through guitars and banjo's playing through the speakers and even through all of the announcements.

It wasn't until I told her that he good friend Katie was here that she perked up. These two had a play date over the summer and while there is a small age difference, I happen to know that V really enjoyed playing with Katie and all of her cool toys!

I finally wore my All Life is Precious necklace. I got it from Annie through her Etsy store. I have had it for quite awhile now but haven't worn it until today. Vada is always in my arms so for now I choose to not wear necklaces. I teach my girl what "no" means but I feel by wearing necklaces I am practically taunting her, so for now I choose to only wear her teething necklace if anything at all.

Anyway, today was a special occasion and it was the perfect occasion to show this beautifully hand crafted piece of art off!

The necklace was the perfect accessory to wear with the awareness shirt!

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