Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 for 21: Trouble is a Friend

Vada has her own kitchen cabinet. Actually, it's our Rubbermaid storage cabinet but we've let her claim it as her own.

When I am cooking dinner she crawls into the kitchen looking for me. Once she has located me she goes to her area and has a grand time at taking everything out.

She likes to climb in as far back as she can and leaves no bowls behind.

Yesterday, Vada landed a little harder on her bottom than she is used to, or at least I had assumed that she had. I heard her he make a small grunt as she landed. She turned to me looking at me as if she was questioning weather or not she should begin to cry.  I thought that she was more startled than hurt so I began to cheer "Yay Vada, you landed nicely." She kind of smiled at me and then she followed it up with her frustrated movement (hands behind her head and then rubbed forward). Turns out that she didn't land hard, at least not onto the floor, she actually landed right into a bowl!

There are so any times when I am watching Vada get into mischief and I start to sing a song by Lenka, Trouble is a Friend, in my mind.

I love all of the exploring and independent playing that Vada has begun doing, its so fun to watch!

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Sarai said...

Love these pictures!! The one of her half out half in the adorable.