Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 for 21: Mornings

I am not much of a morning person. I kind of roll out of bed and blindly stumble to my coffee pot every morning. Its not until I am well into my second cup that you hear much of anything coming from my direction. However, morning time has become my favorite time of the day.

During the week and on the weekends we have a small routine that is so pleasant (during school days I wait to start this routine until J and K have been dropped off). We turn on one of Elizabeth Mitchells Cd's and then I begin to cook breakfast. Typically, for Vada, I cook oatmeal or scrambled eggs and she has some sort of fruit. On the weekends Jasmine and Kiliegh really enjoys having chocolate chip pancakes. Once everything is cooked we meet at the table and listen to the music, practice signing and tell stories. After Vada has made it through the "I am starving, give me as much food as possible" phase of breakfast, I read a book out loud to everyone. If one of the older girls are home, they like to read. When Justin was on his shutdown and working every night this was our only time together. He always made me wait until he could sit down with us before I read. I thought it was so sweet of him.

I love starting our days out this way. Its very calm and relaxed. Its not rushed and its positive time together.

Music, food, family and reading-- how could anyone complain about that?

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April Vernon said...

What a peaceful way to start the day. I am trying to do better about family routines and traditions. It is so easy for me to stumble through the day without much planning or purpose. I am really working on setting goals for how I want to spend my time with the boys. Thanks for the great reminder.