Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 fo 21: Perfect Flip Flop Feet

Most of you are familiar with the facial features that are common in individuals who have Down syndrome. While people who have Down syndrome do look more like members of their own families they also share distinct commonalities with others who also have Down syndrome as well.  Meaning, in most cases you can look at an individual and know that they may have Down syndrome. (For me it's harder to do when looking at babies than it is when looking at older children and adults.)

Yes, she has a snotty nose but she had a cold and she can make even the snottiest of snotty noses cuter than cute!

When it comes to my children I will be the first to admit that I am totally bias. I love them and I cant help but think that they are the best kids ever even when they are on my last nerve! That's why it shouldn't surprise you that everything about Vada's appearances I find beautiful. Her almond kitten-like eyes and button nose, well, they melt my heart and her marble chin begs for me to kiss on it constantly.  I love how her hair grows straight up and I love her small hands, shorter fingers and tiny toes. To me she is perfect and I wouldn't change a single thing about her.

Some of my favorite physical features about Vada and other individuals who have Down syndrome are also some of the features that often go un-noticed. She has a single "life line" or crease on the palm of each of her hands. I have two and I can bet if you look at your own hands, the majority of you do as well. She also has one tiny kink at the tops of each of her pinky fingers.

When I look at Vada's hands I can't help but think of an old spi-like movie. It seems like so many of those movies ends up having some sort of hand reading device, you know-- where you have to put your hand into a box-like thingy and by doing so it can determine who you are by your individual prints.

To me her single crease and tiny kinks make her part of a group that was like a secret to us prior to her Down syndrome diagnosis. While I know our local Down syndrome family group was not and is not a secret, it wasn't something that we were aware of until we were blessed with Vada. Now because of her we are part of a group that has enriched our lives in so many ways.We have been invited into the lives of strangers all because of what those tiny prints of hers leads back to.

Another physical feature that is common with Down syndrome and something that Vada also has is a larger gap between her big and second toes. Hers is not as prominent as I have seen in others but its still fabulous! We joke and say she has perfect flip-flop feet!

Kiliegh thought that her nails should be painted before taking these flip flop pictures and she was right but we left a little on her toes...

It's important to keep in mind that not all individuals with Down syndrome will have all of the same physical features as another. It is also important to know that having more physical traits of Down syndrome does not correlate with an individuals intellectual abilities. Every person with and without Down syndrome is unique in their personalities and in their strengths.


Janie Fox said...

She is beautiful. I cannot blame you for wanting to kiss her all the live long day! xo

Tierra said...

She is a super cutie!