Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 for 21: Good Books

I had twelve weeks of strict bed rest during my pregnancy with Vada. I did a lot of emotional preparation and soul searching during that period as well as a lot of reading. While I am setting out to spread awareness about Down syndrome I thought that I would share a few books that remains on my shelf to this day.

Please keep in mind that all children are different. They all have their select talents, purposes, attitudes and interests. Some of these books are generalized and don't necessarily show the individuality in each person. This is the case in most informational forms of reading but something I feel I should caution all readers on.

These two books are very similar and helpful in the area of possibilities or things to be aware of. My favorite thing about the books were the pictures of the children!

Just like the title says, this is a facts only read. Again, generalized but is full of what can be possible.

In conjunction with the Gifts books and Common Threads, this is my favorite (and one that I need to read again). It is a book with the goal of helping mother's to not loose sight of themselves and to find balance in their daily lives. You can only read so many informational books before they all seem to say the same things and you can only prepare so much and then you have to live life-- at least this is how I feel. More Than A Mom doesn't teach about Down syndrome but is more of a helper for mothers with children who have unique needs.

I ordered this for Jasmine to read and after I read it myself I decided that it may be a bit past Jasmines age (10 years, at the time). However, I would suggest this book to any teenager, adult and even expecting parent. It is informational as well as quick to read. A good place to start learning about Down syndrome.

A workbook, if you will, that helps parents who are raising a child with unique challenges. 
This book is filled with amazing pictures, stories, poems and quotes! It is fabulous!

These books are uplifting and emotional. True stories from real parents who happen to have a child who has Down syndrome. They are similar to the Chicken Soup series, only in my opinion, better!

So, have I left any good ones out? What books have you read that you would recommend pertaining to Down syndrome? Which one's were most helpful and which one's did you not like and why?

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