Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 for 21: Lil' Miss Independent

... and she wants to do things on her own-- with Mom in her sight but not helping-- at least not too much.
Vada is really starting to venture out on her own. When it comes to meal times she likes to try to feed herself-- not with a fork or a spoon but just by popping things into her mouth. So when I feed her something she tends to spit it out, look at it, pick it up and puts it back into her mouth.  It can get pretty messy because she disdains bibs and also has the habit of rubbing her messy hands on both sides of her head. Needless to say, there are days when she has multiple baths!

Drinking from a sippy cup has become much easier for Vada to do on her own. It too can become messy because Vada thinks its amusing to shake the crap out of the sippy cup and of course she does it while its upside down and I am not looking. Then she likes to run her hands through the white puddle that she created and sometimes she likes to stick her face into it as well. Secretly, sometimes I watch, without her knowing, and I smile. I don't care for the mess but I love watching her explore and play. I love her personality.

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