Monday, October 31, 2011

31 for 21: Trick or Treat

The COLD of tonight didn't stop the ghouls and goblins from knocking on our door, nor did it stop our girls from going on their own candy hunt throughout the neighborhood!

Jasmine my oldest was a "gypsy" and wow was she cute! Maybe I am a bit biased, but she's mine and being biased kind of comes with being "Mom". Truthfully, I thought that she looked beautiful and tall and older. She was finished trying for candy half way through our quest and when I jokingly said that next year she could just hand out  the treats, she said okay. I dont think that she is done dressing up but I think that she may be growing out of the trick or treating phase. We'll see when next year comes around.

This picture was taken on a different date when we were going to a Halloween party. She was running around so much tonight it was hard to get one of just her.

Kiliegh was an "eighties girl"-- at least that's what she called it. I forgot what the tag actually said. No, I didn't make my girls their costumes but I think that I will next year. I found some fabulous ideas from another blogger and I am super excited! She had a blast but was tuckered at the end. Her first custom choice was a police one piece skirt "uniform" it would barely cover her butt but was made for her size. I think not-- call me a prude, its okay, I don't mind.

This picture was from the other night as well.

Miss V was "baby Dorthy". I bought her ruby reds and Toto dog in the basket but the outfit was already one from her wardrobe, so hers was super easy.

This picture as well as the two below it were also taken on the same day as Jasmines. V hasn't been feeling well and putting her down and out of my arms was not an okay thing to do.

Our house did a little handing out of "treats" and then a little trick or treating in our neighborhood. This year I took A LOT of crap for my choice on the treats to hand out. I choose pretzels and Teddy Grahams. I figured they were both good  and healthy snacks but ohh no... EVERYONE told me differently. So next year, come to our house... we'll be the one handing out King Sized candy bars! (I'm being sarcastic here and the crap that I was dealt, was all in great fun! Although I may choose some trail mix next year... or granola...mmmm!)

Do you remember last years post on our trick or treating night? More importantly, this picture...

Our sweet little girls. The one dressed as the cutest elephant ever had what was called cushings syndrome from being on the ACTHer steroid-- for her seizures.

What a difference a year can make!

This year I attempted to get a similar picture of the girls kissing V again. Same spot, same positions. It was kind of fun to see the differences in growth and even in shrinkage.

Here's the new 2011 Halloween kiss pictures...

V was not happy  in general but especially about the way that she was being held.

V was calling for me. Telling me, im sure, to put down my camera and take her back.

V more than ticked that I had yet to take her back.--J and K aren't for sure what they should do.

Final Kiss attempt--Slightly successful.

...and then it was o.v.e.r!
Justin was off of work tonight so he was able to hang out an be with us!

It was fantastic-- sometimes I feel like we never get to do things together as a family. Its hard getting time with him and all three of the girls at the same time for holidays and events like this.

Once, Justin and I looked ahead on his schedule for the next few years  and figured out that he wont have my birthday off until I am like thirty-six and that's a ways off, in case you were wondering. 

Sharing custody with J and K's bios gets tricky as well. We flip flop the holidays, one year on and one year off. All last year, for every holiday, we had the girls, which was great because it was also all of V's first time holidays. This year we wont necessarily have them unless the bio's choose not to. Thats why we had them tonight. Well, more like it just worked out better this way. I am sure they would have liked to have had them but its a school night and they have to also work in the morning... you get what I am saying though, right?

Since Justin's mom was out of town this week but Justin's dad came out with.

I can not believe those girls are mine! They aren't so little anymore...

Our final stop of the evening was to stop at one of our close friends house. Turns out that we weren't the only one's with this idea. We ended up running into more of our favorite people and had a great time, freezing together!

Vada has a little cold and an ear infection that wont quit but over all she is healthy. Were not caught up in fearing whats next. Were not concerned with heart issues or seizures. Both Jasmine and Kiliegh were home when its not even our turn and Justin had tonight off. This was such a fun night. I feel like God blessed our family with the time that I pray for on a consistent basis.

This was the best Halloween' Trick or Treat night that I have ever had.


Janie Fox said...

So glad you had a good time. Vada is just beautiful...they all are. What a beautiful family..

Suzan said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family. So glad you could all be together.