Saturday, October 1, 2011

Team Vada

We want to thank each and everyone of you who supported "Team Vada" this year. By supporting Vada you also helped support GiGi's Playhouse of the Quad Cities. We are so grateful to have a GiGi's in our area and please know that your donations have done a great deal for this organization!

Team Vada raised $1600.00 in personal donations (donations given directly to us to be used towards getting Miss V on one of the windows at GiGi's). We also raised over $1200.00 in direct donations (I am afraid that I cant give an exact amount because I just don't know). Plus, we had twenty-eight walkers (thirty-three including Justin, the girls and I), making an estimated total somewhere around  $3200.00 that was raised and fully donated to GiGi's!!!

We couldn't have done it with our you!

I'm am thrilled beyond any measure to announce that Vada's name was drawn for the girl to be on one of GiGi's of the QC windows! Can I get a "Woot! Woot!"?

GiGi's is off of John Deere Road here in Moline and it's windows face out towards John Deere Road, so soon you'll be able to drive by and see our sweet baby girls face! We'll announce when her picture does go up-- of course!

This year we are making our thanks you's and we will be sending individual cards out to all of Vada's supporters. I can't wait to show you what we've come up with for the cards. Until I get them sent out I want to Thank all of you now, here. So, in a totally random order here's  the names of those who supported our girl.... (If I left anyone out don't be shy... TELL ME because it would be unacceptable leaving people unacknowledged.)...

Whitey's Ice Cream (The Tunberg Family)
Mudpuddle Roo's (Rhonda McKinley)
Donut Delite (Steve and Sue Lillybeck)
Jai Johnson Karate Center
Georges Classic Cleaners

Jim and Annette Wilson
Augie and Suzan Svatek
Grandma Martha Dhondt
Grandma Doris Wilson
Bruce and Michelle Wild
Larry, Kris and Amy Heiland
Chris and Lindsey Pinkerton and Family
Aaron and Calder Wilson and Family
Charlie Wilson
Bob Wilson
Ed and Becky Burr and Family
Charity Moulds and Family
Jake and Jessica Witt
David Moulds
Ricky and Desiree Gillespie and Family
Tim and Janel Miner and Family
Nate and Amy Scott and Family
Chad and Katy Chilund and Family
Craig and Jen Kronberg and Family
Denny and Carol Swenson
Kenneth Fuller
Larry E. Powell
Jon Sawyer
Ken Henkel
Jeff Ortiz
Chad Greenlee
Frank Murphy
Kenny O'Donnell
Eric Engelbrecht
Vick Miller
Howard Feeler
Mark Druien
Dan Riffner
Bryan O. Smith
Jim Ordean
Chris Anderson
Jason Row
Troy Welch
Mike Hunter
Donald Groeinger
Billy Hatton
Todd Bauamann
Mike Taylor
Rick Robinson
Nate Wagner
Shawn Gillespie
Chad Bhling
Bob Haag
Joe Costello
Ken Trobaugh
Guido Camplese
Doug Beland
Gabe Hagen
Jason Gedye
D.J. Horvath
Mike E. Geesey
Lance Dowsett
Lloyd Fulkerson
Tobin Ramson
Phil Bisbey
LLoyd Fulkerson
Greg Paetz
Bill Tallman
Lyle Stalheim
Andy Dykema
Jay Burkamper
A very special thank you to our girl Vada for blessing our nights and days with her smiles, sweet voice and constant determination!  

“You can’t have a perfect day without doing something for someone who’ll never be able to repay you.”— John Wooden
Our day was perfect because of all of you!

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