Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Walk to Remember

Today was a good day for a walk! It was a bit chilly and I underestimated our attire, but they were selling sweat shirts at the walk, so everything worked out just fine. Plus, I got a new hoodie, so how can I complain!?!

Our "Team" was pretty impressive considering I had only attempted getting people to join a couple of weeks prior to the actual event.

Truthfully, I was touched at who some of the people were that did come. It made the day that much more memorable to me.

Support for "Team Vada" was shown from areas that we could not see!!! I sent her awareness bands out to family members all over the map and asked in return for a picture of them wearing the bands.

From California... North Carolina...

...and then, even in Virgina...

I can not put into words how much this walk meant to me. It wasn't quite complete with out Justin, Vada or Justin's parents, but I was so honored to be able to be a part of it. I was there proudly for Vada. I t made me over joyed to watch Jasmine and Kiliegh lightened up, hold up their baby sister's signs and cheer for "Team Vada".

Vada may have not been able to be at the walk this year, but her presence was felt and seen. Throughout the whole area, including the path that was used for the walk, was covered with pictures of local people who have Down syndrome. Vada's picture was on the gazebo.

Both girls have been accepting of the minor differences that come with their baby sister having Down syndrome, there has never been an issue with that. They have loved Vada from the moment that they have met her, possibly even before. They proudly led "Team Vada" on a march full of love, acceptance and happiness. It
s true what people say about learning a lot from your children..., you really can!

Children amaze me. Especially, mine. ;)

Since Vada has been restricted from being around anyone, I basically have as well. Honestly, over all, I 'm okay with it. Sure, I miss my friends and all that I could do prior to this restriction, but I am really enjoying this time with my baby. Not many parents get what I have right now. I have wonderful one on one time with my baby. Time for us to learn about each other and to grow with each other. It's wonderful!

Today, I was able to see two of some of my favorite friends. Friends who I have laughed with. Cried with. Learned from and grown in my faith with. It was an awesome gift to be able to hang out with these friends, (and all of my others whom I didn't get a one on one photo with) and to share this moment, this walk that now holds a very special place in my heart with them.

My heart was full of pride watching all of these strangers come together for the same cause. It was beautiful.

Jasmine and Kiliegh were (and still are) so very proud of their little sister and today, they made sure that those who have not met Vada yet, know of her.

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