Saturday, October 30, 2010

Carve a Pumpkin Day

Up until about twenty minutes ago I had no clue that there was really a "holiday" called Carve a Pumpkin Day. I'm not for sure if it's an actual holiday recognized on the calendar but I guess, it's for real...? It makes since, I suppose. Where else would we get the idea from...?

Anyway, Carve a Pumpkin Day is suppose to be on the 31st of October. However, we don't claim "Carve a Pumpkin Day" as a holiday. We do however carve pumpkins and it usually takes us a day. So do with that what you will.

It seems like this year was harder than ever to find specific days where we were all together, but we did it. Back to back days in fact. Saturday and Sunday! A day for the patch and a day for the carving of the pumpkin...woo ha ha ha..(sorry adding dramatic sound effects doesn't work to well with writing... especially when I don't know how to spell those ghastly sounds).

Its funny how the parents are the ones who end up doing most of the work when carving the pumpkins. Here, its Justin that does most of the carvings. Us girls are pretty wimpy, especially this year! Although..., two years ago we were rock stars and achieved some pretty rocking jack-o-lanterns! This year..., eh, not so much.

Kiliegh did not want to clean out her pumpkin.

She acted deathly afraid of the slimy guts of her friend Jack.

She looked physically ill each time she stuck her hand inside the belly of her pumpkin.

Towards the end she wasn't so bad. I was able to get her to help clean all of the seeds off with me.

I personally used excuses for my pumpkin carving slowness..., I have to take care of Vada. I have to take pictures... I have to get something to eat...

For the most part I did carve out most of my pumpkin. I did an owl sitting on a tree branch. Not my best work. The owls eyes were the last thing I had to do. Should of been the first thing that I did because I almost ripped its head straight off. That's when Justin became involved..., my hero.

Jasmine, I think probably had the worst time with her pumpkin. She wanted to carve it and make it look like a hippie, because that is what she was going to be for trick or treat night. She had the right idea..., to draw it on the pumpkin first, but that's when all her creativity stopped.

For Jasmines costume she has a headband that she is wearing. The headband is Indian "like" with a peace symbol medallion in the middle of it. Hanging from the medallion are some beads. That is what she wanted to put on her pumpkin. That and glasses..., very groovy and hippish. The problem is that if you ct a headband in the pumpkin you are inevitably cutting the pumpkin in half. For the life of us Justin and I could not figure out how to make it work for her.

Jasmine was pretty fed up with the whole pumpkin carving ordeal and just wanted to be done, but I'll give her credit because she didn't give up. I'm not saying tears weren't shed or that tantrums weren't thrown... because they were there too! However, after establishing that there would be no hippie pumpkin this year she starts cutting into its flesh all along saying what she is going to do. This time she is going to just make a peace symbol. Here's where problem number two came in. If you cut a circle into the pumpkin ultimately your just going to have a huge hole and one pissed off little girl! After about her second cut she realized what would happen and again became very overwhelmed. That's when Justin stepped in and together the two of them came up with something that resembled a peace symbol as well as a cyclopes.., but please, don't tell her that I told you so.

This year was Vada's first pumpkin experience. She was able to make it to the patch. She was able to sit with us while we carved the pumpkins and she was even able to dress up in a costume for Halloween.

Usually, for our pumpkins we choose hard patterns. We've done all kinds of really impressive pumpkins. I have liked every pumpkin that we have ever carved, mainly because we have done them together. This year however, these pumpkins were my favorite. This year, all of the pumpkins kind of felt "old school".

You know, before all of the patterned stencils, back when the pumpkins had crooked teeth and triangles for eyes. Looking at our family pumpkins reminded me of when I was a kiddo out on the town in hunt for some candy!I remember looking at all of the different carved pumpkins and wondering what kinds of families they came from.

Now, I'm on the inside and with Justin, I'm giving my kiddo's what I didn't have.

It's funny that cutting into a vegetable (or is a pumpkin a fruit?) could remind me of that.

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