Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picking Pumpkins

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Besides the transition into the bitter cold winter weather, there is nothing that I would change about Fall. I enjoy all of the smells, the coolness in the air, the rainy days, the baking and I especially enjoy the holidays that start in the fall time and continue throughout the rest of the year!

Picking out our pumpkins and then carving them has always been fun to me to do with the kids and Justin. I don't recall ever doing it as a child but now, it has become a tradition.

We haven't been able to do a lot of activities together as a family over the past year, especially with in the last two months. Other than going to the hospital and doctors appointments Vada and I have been at home. We do however try to go on walks whenever we can. Since you can't get sick from being outside I figured its good for us to be out in nature and in a different environment.

Since going on walks is an approved thing to do I figured that going to the pumpkin patch would be too. After all, Jasmine and Kiliegh have been so great about all of the stuff that we haven't been able to do, at the very least we should try to do this.I figured if there were too many people around then Vada and I would just sit in the car and the girls could go off with Justin.

Justin's sister had sent us two of her boys first Halloween costumes for Vada to wear this year and I was going to dress her in one of them to wear at the pumpkin patch. Unfortnatly, she couldnt fit into either. So I just dressed her in layers. I did however, put her in the jacket that her Aunt Lindsey made for her!

We have yet to go to the same patch twice in our almost six years of being together. Not out of habit, more so out of trying to find "the one". This year I wanted to find the "perfect" one, the one that had everything! I am pretty for sure that I found it too! It was Tanners Orchard.

They did seem to have everything! There was pumpkins and apple picking, a petting zoo with lama's, goats and rabbits.

They had pony rides, a store and a restaurant (We didn't eat at the restaurant). They had a huge playground and a few of those wheel barrels attached to a tractor for the kids to ride on.

Tanner's also had a real school bus to play in,

a wooden air plane and pirate ship.

As well as real tractors and miniature toy tractors which Kiliegh clearly enjoyed!

I was SO impressed with just the play ground. If we lived in that area it would be a place that I would take the girls to all of the time to play. They had so much fun running around and I had a blast watching them. It was by far better than any play ground that we have around here (except maybe for Rocket Park).

When we first got there, around 5 p.m. it was packed, and I was a bit bummed because that meant that Vada and I would be sitting this one out. However, it turns out that the majority of the people we saw were actually leaving.

Since the store was still pretty busy we walked around and looked at everything outside. They were packing up the ponies, so the girls were unable to have a ride this time around and the tractor rides to and from the maze weren't going either. It was overcast and the forcast had called for rain so we decided against going into the maze.

Once we were able to go into the store we were pleasantly overwhelmed with delicious smells. They had a small bakery where the sold their own apple cider donuts, homemade breads, muffins and cakes. They also made jams, butters, seasoned spreads, kettle and caramel corn, caramel apples, home made peanut butters, an assortment of fudges and yes..., even delicious apple cider! In fact they had a couple of open taps for sampling..., we each had a few. Plus, we also bought some, its delicious!

I was a little confused with the pumpkin picking however. I am wondering..., since Tanners is an "Orchard" and not a "pumpkin patch", if your able to go into the patch to pick your pumpkin. You can pick your own apples. Nevertheless, I didnt ask. We found pumpkins stacked up front and we were told that what you saw was what you get. There were no others, so maybe we came too late in the year?

Either way..., we found great pumpkins!

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