Monday, October 11, 2010

My Favortie Sweet Rolls

It's funny that I don't notice certain things about my children. Not until I step back and see them from different perspective.

Today Vada's visiting nurse came, as usual and did her normal check up on Vada. She weighed in at 18 pounds! It seems like a lot and then in other ways, it's nothing.

I guess because Vada and I are always together I don't see these subtle changes. I see that she is gaining and growing, I just don't see them like I did today.

I always strip her down to a clean dipe when we are weighing her. Today, was so warm that I just let that be enough. We were only hanging out at home, so why not?

She rolls around now. No, no..., she has been rolling since she was four months. I mean she is mobile. Instead of crawling, which she is attempting to do, she rolls from one place to another. I guess I don't have her in just her dipe too often because today it was like I had just realized that she has some rolls. (shut up.. yes I said some.) I don't know anyone else who could wear those sweet rolls so well!!

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SunflowerStories said...

She looks delicious to me!