Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Rendition of "Fish and Chip's"

Sometimes..., when there's not a whole lot going on in our house... we can get pretty creative...

Yesterday, Justin decides that he wants to go buy all of the ingredients to make his dad's enchilada's. Naturally, I couldn't complain because I wanted some of those bad boys myself. He ended up making seventy enchilada's altogether and we (When I say we, I mean he.) delivered a pan to four different families including his parents. We ate some, froze some, kept some for left overs and wrapped the rest up for Justin to take to work.

(On a side note..., these are the worlds best enchilada's! I have never had enchilada's any better or more addicting than these.)

Anyway, Justin used this potato peeler to take the skin off of his potatoes. (He puts potatoes in his enchilada's.) The "Rotatoe" made the potato peeling process quicker and a bit entertaining as well. The Rotato is the my reason for joining the enchilada fun. It was also the inspiration for today's lunch. Well, that and the fact that Jasmine asked to have some fish sticks and french fries for lunch.

I honestly don't remember who's idea it was to shred some potatoes, but the "Rotatoe" was still at our house, and its a fun little gadget to use, so I guess we figured we should get some extra usage out of it before we returned it to the Rentals.

The things that you learn while messing around can astonish you!

Like the peel from a four inch potato can be over ten feet long!


Obviously i'm not the only one who was impressed.

My husband is crafty... and he's just my type!

The potatoes were hard to eat without making a mess..., poor Vada.

We put Lawry's seasoning salt on them and they tasted just like BBQ Lay's potato chips. Pretty good!
The Wilson family "fish" and chips.

Whoever said eating your vegetables couldn't be fun..., never ate at our house! (Too bad these ones aren't actually good for you.)

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