Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fine Dinning the Wilson Way

By the time we had finished at Tanner's Apple Orchard, it was close to 8 P.M. and we were all pretty hungry! The problem was that the only thing around was a "mom and pop shop" that we couldn't go into because of the need to keep Vada secluded. We had about an hour drive until we got home and the closest drive through (yuck!... It's funny that I say yuck to a drive through, but not to what we actually ate!) was at least 30 miles away and that was if you were going in the opposite direction than we needed to go.

So..., we improvised. We got the phone number for a Casey's gas station that we had passed on the way to Tanner's and ordered a pizza for carry out.

Since the car was full of our Tanner's purchases and the girls' stuff to keep them entertained on the trip we decided to sit on the gas station bench and have our dinner.

(I bet the police officer who I asked to take this picture thought we were an odd group!)

It was all Justin's idea, and you know what... it was actually really good pizza!

See..., we really are Making the Most of Today!

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