Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Slave to Halloween

Today has been the beginning of one of the things I enjoy most about the holiday season. Jasmine and Kiliegh have been running in and out of the house laughing and playing. Each time they come and go a crisp breeze floats in from outside reminding me of all of the leaves that are on the ground and the ones that are soon to follow. Autumn has a smell. At least I think it does. I wouldn't say its a real clean smell, or fresh like Spring, but its comforting. I like it.

Since the past year has been sketchy on the family activities I planned on making today a little extra fun for the girls.

For lunch I made "Swamp Noodles" and Pumpkin sandwiches.

For dinner I made "Mummy Dogs".

I also made "Bloody Cocoa Crispy Bars" and Sugar Cookies that we could decorate..., and then of course to EAT!

Jasmine had decided to dress as a Hippie. Funny thing is..., she asked to borrow my clothes and jewelry for her costume. Im not quite for sure what to think about that, but she made one groovy hippie girl!

Kiliegh wanted to be a butterfly.

This was the second year (not consecutive) for this idea. She was a monarch a couple of years back. This year she choose a huge set of blue, white and purple wings..., and that was it. I was left piecing the rest of the costume together. That was annoying! It was so hard to find the right colors and know how to make it look like something resembling a butterfly without having to sew something together. I don't sew. Justin does.., but he was working so it was up to me.

I feel like over all I did a pretty good job. She really liked it, so, if it was good enough for her than it is for me too!

I had originally planned on not dressing up Vada because I wouldn't be taking her out for Trick or Treating and I wouldn't be answering the door while holding her, so no one would actually even see her in her costume. That was my thought process.

The thing is, we would be seeing her not dressed up, on her very first Halloween. So at the last moment I bought her a costume.

It was a $10.00 elephant costume from Hy-Vee, not any of the ones that I had been looking at, but a costume non the less. It was too long in the arms and legs, but it was perfect. It was important for me to have Vada included in Halloween even if she could join in all of the activities.

I filled our witches Calderon with tootsie rolls for the kids who came to our house...,

and Jasmine and Kiliegh brought home even more candy than we handed out!

This Halloween celebration was a good one. We were all here to do the pumpkin patch, the pumpkin carving and then we were all able to spend some time together on Halloween night.

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Garn said...

WOW!! You are an amazing mom! Lucky kids.