Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Step Towards the Buddy Walk

With the Quad City Buddy Walk only days away, our house is buzzing with Buddy Walk paraphernalia!

We received the personalized awareness bands that I had made, a little over a week ago. I sent some out to our long distance family members who will be unable to attend. That way they are all still a part of this occasion!

We received the official 2010 Buddy Walk t-shirts yesterday. They are not what I expected to see. Everything I have seen has always been white, with the awareness colors, blue and yellow. I got to say, while I like the typical awareness attire, I really like the red of our shirts. I guess last year the color was orange! Fun.

This year Justin won't be able to attend the walk because he will be working. He used up all of his vacation days when Vada was born and had to spend three weeks in the NICU. He does have two days left, but we want to save them, just in case.

Justin's parents will be watching Vada, since she isn't suppose to be in social settings. So as far as family, it's just the girls and I going. However, I know that we do have a good size group of people who are planning on coming. Which is exciting.

Tonight Justin helped us get ready for the walk by printing out some signs for us. My plan for the girls is that they have these pictures, that show who our "buddy" is.

The girls are excited to be caring them, so that's good. I want to include both Jasmine and Kiliegh in this walk. I want them to be proud of their baby sister and show it. I want this walk to be fun and exciting for them. That way, I am hoping, each year when it starts to get close again, they are looking forward to it.

This year, I bought boxes of candy bars and let Jasmine and Kiliegh go out around our neighborhood and sell them. They were so excited, and not only proud to do it, but proud of themselves for earning the money to donate for their baby sister. How cool?!?

So, Justin helped make the signs. He is sooooo great! I picked out the pictures and told him what I wanted and he did it for me. Yeah, I'm spoiled. It was fun.

Between the signs and the personalized buttons, I don't think that anyone wont know who we are there for.

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