Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thumb Splints

Three weeks ago Christy (Vadas OT) came for their therapy session and mentioned Vada's thumb usage. Vada tends to hold her thumbs inward when picking up things or using her pincer grasp. She doesn't always do it but it is very common to see those tiny thumbs of hers bent inward towards the palms of her hand.


At this point it not an overly concerning issue but we want Vada's development to continue to progress in all areas. So when Christy came back last week for therapy she brought a number of splints, all in various sizes (and colors), for Vada to try on --we had to get the correct size so that we could order our own. The splints force her thumbs to remain outward and in the correct position which help to promote "normal" grasp development.

As you can tell, Vada was not overly thrilled about having to try the splints on.

And she quickly mastered ripping it off!

But the results were instant! Those tiny little bands of fabric helped Vada's thumb extend properly and she was able to grasp like she is suppose to.

The first pair of splints only took a couple of days to arrive, I ordered two pairs (one pink and one green) for cleanliness reasons. The second pair should arrive soon. 

Vada and I came into see Kim (Vada's PT) and Christy peeked in during a free moment and together they fitted Vada's splints to her hands. 

This time Vada's reaction seemed to be one of defeat.

If Vada could talk and by her expressions, I am certain she would have said "Oh, just get this over with so I can get back to my play time with Kim!"

She was a good sport about it all and now she has two hot pink thumb splints that she wears. Vada is suppose to wear the splints as much as possible. She wears them while playing, eating and even while napping but we remove them at night to give her hands a break and to clean them thoroughly. 

We think of the splints as an added fashion accessory, kind of like the hip helpers that she once wore --we make them work and she makes them look good!

And really, if I a may say so myself, I think this girl makes everything look good!

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April Vernon said...

We have been watching Levi's grasp closely. I've never seen thumbs splints for that! Thanks for sharing! Vada is such a doll!