Thursday, February 16, 2012

Practice Makes (almost)Perfect and Quite the Mess

After feeding Vada a suffciant amount of food at dinner I have been handing over her spoon/fork to her and letting her have a go at feeding herself. Sometimes it's pure entertainment for us and then other times its kind of shocking to see just how good she is at doing it.

Tonight all that was left was rice but she did alright with it considering its a pretty small sized kind of food. She was able to get some onto the spoon and then into her mouth. After awhile however, she began holding the spoon in her right hand and using her left to pick up the tiny pieces of food --what cleaver girl she is!

She didn't have her thumb splints on tonight but typically they are on until after dinner. Then I throuw them into the bath with her and while she is playing I hand wash them. Tonight however, I am stitching them up, there is a little too much room for the tiny thumb to move around and they are not as beneficial as they could be.

Anyway, it's been fun watching Vada learn how to use silverware. Sure, its a messy ordeal but well worth it!

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Lacey said...

I hate messes, which is probably why I never even think to let Arina try feeding herself! I know I need to do it, Arina needs to learn. I let her do a hot dog, and she did great. My hubby said he let her eat a scrambled egg, and she did pretty good. I need to let her go at it more often!