Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Girl, Little People

 Well, I wasn't able to save the two Cabbage Patch dolls that Jasmine and Kiliegh use to play with. They had mildew on them but I thought that I could maybe get them cleaned off. I couldn't or it would have been more work than they were worth. Either way the dolls are gone but the Little People sets made it through the cleaning process and Vada love, love, loves playing with them. (The girls bought her the Little Peoples Doll House for her birthday and they keep asking to give it to her now!) I cant wait until her birthday! I cant believe that she is going to be two! Only eight days to go!

Speaking of Vada's birthday, I recently posted about some gift ideas that I had for her. I was really excited about one specific gift which was a children's treadmill. I had found it on Amazon and briefly read the description. In my excitement I put it on her wish list and later thought about what i had read. It said that the machine needed two 'AA' batteries. I thought that it would either burn through the batteries or the batteries didn't actually run the treadmill itself. I went back to amazon and come to find out the treadmill was not what used the batteries. The little tracker/timer used the batteries. The treadmill didn't run at all, the child on the mill made it move. Well, for a child who doesn't walk yet makes this gift completely unrealistic and not so exciting anymore. Needless to say, I removed the gift from Vada's wish list and then took down the post. 

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krlr said...

Oh, but she will run soon! When she's ready. And then you'll want to run outside in the fresh air and not on a stinky ol' treadmill.