Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Sunday Monkeys

 I like to meal plan. Every Sunday I pull out some of my cookbooks, figure out what were going to have and on what days, make my list of foods that I will need to buy and then on Monday's after I take the girls to school I go to the grocery store. Today Vada decided that she was going to help me plan this weeks menu.

When she was done with the first book she took it upon herself to get another.


Every night after bedtime and during each nap that Vada takes I try to always pick up her toys and put them back in their places. I think that she really enjoys messing them up because if I pick stuff up in front of her she will take it and mess it up as soon as I walk away. As soon as she wakes up she goes over and picks out her favorite toys and creates her little mess with them. I am picking up things with her though and teaching her about "pick-up time". Its just not really working, yet.

Each time that I have pick up I have been putting the blue chair on the right side of our front door. Vada likes to sit there and look out the window or to bask in the sun while looking at her books. She also likes looking into mirrors so I put my suction cup magnifying mirror there for her as well.

Apparently, I need to find a new place for the chair because she has become an excellent climber and shows no fear where heights or small standing and sitting ledges are concerned.

She has become quite the curious little kitten!

I think that she thinks she is getting away with something... and sometimes maybe she is.


Vada has had a cold that she graciously shared with her father and I, so we have been staying home and taking it easy the past couple of days. I can tell today that she is feeling better because her energy is back and she has been really adventurous.

Every time I turned around Vada was into or on top of something. I had just put my camera down when Vada said "Mama". I turned around to this...

If your not quite seeing it, you will...

Wait for it...

There it is... double whammy! Even Vada knew that she had goofed up with her choice in seating on this one. I wonder what was more uncomfortable, getting stuck in the upside down foot stool or getting stuck in the upside down footstool while sitting on top of the Leap Frog Alpha-Magnet...?


Shortly after  the stoop incident I hear more Mama's being called. This time they were coming from Vada's room and there was my little monkey...

 I took this as an early sign that she was ready for milk and a nap. (We rock and read together before she goes to sleep.)

One of the things that we are trying to teach Vada is for her to "put her cup down nicely". She has a tendency to chuck it in any direction and with some surprising force behind it if we don't remind her every once in awhile.

Truthfully, she is really good at doing things "nicely". In fact at times, like today, she was almost anal about it.

 It had to be done just right otherwise she would pick it back up and attempt to sit it down again and again, until it looked right to her.

I think that she was playing.

Or showing off for the camera.

But when I told her how good she was doing, she told me how big she was! (I love this expression of hers! I very rarely get to see it but I think it is fantastic!)

I like this expression too...

Ahh...yes, I almost forgot... the head band... I dunno..? It's something new that V like to play with. She grabbed it up off of the floor after one of her sisters dropped it the other day. She loves to put it on as a necklace. Sometimes I can trick her and make her forget that it's on her head and pull her bangs back. (I don't really do her hair much if were just hanging around the house.) I wonder if she will be embarassed and yell at me later when she is older for letting her wear it and sharing the pictures. She looks totally "retro 80's chick". If she doesn't yell at me then one of her sisters will for sure. I think its hilarious!


Vada and I worked a lot on her walking today. I tried to get her to walk with me everywhere and was pretty impressed that she didn't become a noodle as much as she usually does.

After Vada's nap I brought her blue into the kitchen. She likes to follow me around so I thought that she might like a place to sit. (I was in the middle of a project when she woke up and wanted to try to get it done. I thought her blue would help keep her occupied.)

Blue kept her occupied but not seated and that's okay!

 It doesn't have wheels but she decided to push it around and make "vroom, vroom" noises as if it were "her" cart.

Of course I cheered because these were huge steps in my eyes!


Kiliegh came home when Vada was still in the kitchen but they both went into the living room and Kiliegh made them a "arch".  Not a tent, not a house but an "arch" and they played while I finally finished my cleaning project.


I was able to check off two more things from my "To-do" list.

Bring down the "Little People" from the attic and clean them. Check and check.

Saving Jasmine and Kiliegh's old Cabbage Patch dolls may be something that I don't get to check off of the list however...?


April Vernon said...

I enjoyed all the photos and love the headband (and those great expressions, too). I am glad to see someone that sets her cup down nicely! We are working on that with Levi, too, but he's not there, yet!

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