Monday, February 13, 2012

Just the Way I Am

Yesterday we received a very special and very heartfelt gift from Isaac and Kathee, two of our closest friends. Isaac happens to be our church youth minister, he and Rusty (our church children's minister) went to a conference this weekend for our church and at the conference Isaac found this book. Tonight Isaac, his wife Kathee and their two children Brought it over to us.

We visited with our friends for awhile and then they had to go home to get their own children ready for bed. I really wanted to look through the book the moment that they left but I had already prepared to exercise so I decided that I had better do my workout while I still had the nerve. I put the book down and for the rest of the evening I became preoccupied with my own kinds of "Mommy stuff".

Later, when we were all in bed (and I was very cose to falling asleep), Vada woke upend started calling for me. So, I came upstairs to comfort her. Once she was back to sleep I started for our room. The book was there on the table and I glanced at it once more as I passed it by, then I stopped, backtracked, picked up the book and took it with me. It's a fairly short book, one meant more for parents to read to and with their children, but I ended up spending the next hour looking through it. There are beautiful photo's and verses on each page that are not only loving and encouraging but the come from our Father Himself, from the Bible.

I don't specifically see an individual who has Down syndrome (and I may be wrong because I read somewhere that there is an individual with Ds in this book)but then again this book is not actually made specific to any one diagnosis so it doesn't really matter to me either way. It's just a beautiful book!


"Just the Way I Am" was wrote by Krista and Mary Horning, a mother-daughter duo. Krista was born with Apert syndrome and now works at a clinic that specifically meets the needs of individuals with unique learning abilities. At the end of this book Mary gives her personal testimony on how her daughter and more specifically her daughters diagnosis has changed her life.

Another thing that I thought was sweet was the books cover photograph. Sometimes book covers mislead you and the cover ends up being the only thing good about that specific book but the love and joy that is on the cover of "Just the Way I Am" is actually spread from page one to the very end of the book. Plus, the cover is a man who is actually a pastor (Pastor Kempton Turner) and of his son Christian, who also has special needs.

This book is a celebration of "disability" or as I like to say everyone's own unique abilities.
It is a book that should reach far beyond families who have a special needs child. For it shares an amazing message that everyone should know and learn and that message is simply that God loves us all and He has a purpose for each of His children.

Thank you Isaac and Kathee for thinking of our family. This book is beautiful and we love you guys!

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