Friday, February 24, 2012

Proper Hygiene

Getting Vada cleaned up is never a battle, unless your washing her nose, she hates that! However, this girl LOVES water and is constantly signing/asking to take a bath, so I wont complain about a little battle with booger picking-- who likes that anyway?!

Tonight Jasmine decided that since she had to wash her own hands, before dinner, that she would also get Vada started on the same routine. "She is turning two, after all."

It wasn't a bad idea. 

In fact, it was a great idea! Sometimes, I just don't know where my brain is. Shouldn't I have been the one to think of that? I am the Mom, isn't that my job?

Jasmine's relationship with Vada is constantly overwhelming me, emotionally. They are so close and Jasmine thinks of some really creative ways to spend time teaching Vada while she is also playing with her. Who taught her all of this?

And Vada, well, she adores her sister(s) and she loves them for their own uniqueness. 

Jasmines idea for teaching Vada about washing her hands tonight may have been more of a mess than planned...

... but then again, it was only water! 

I cant put it into words but I feel so blessed with this family that God gifted me with. :)

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My Little Wonders said...

What a sweet moment you caught on film. :) I love watching those moments between my boys and Miss K.