Monday, February 27, 2012

In Door Green Houses, Raised Beds and Gardening --Oh My!

We are looking forward to Spring when we can build our raised beds for our soon to be garden! Justin has designed his ideas and we have placed it where we can constantly look at it, on our refrigerator!

Down stairs, in our basement (in my scrapbooking room to be more specific) is where we have begun our 2012 gardening journey...

Our first design, was this shelf that Justin built. It wasn't getting warm enough for everything to sprout so we had to move onto something else...

Check out the electrical work... Can you tell that Justin was once an electrician?

We have so many seeds but we have only planted some of the vegetables. From what we have read and by conversations that we have had with others, most of the seeds should be able to be directly planted into the ground...?

Here is our second step. We brought in a green house. Nice that my scraproom has not been in use for some time otherwise I may be a little jealous that this dirty plastic room is getting more use of it than I am!

Its most certainly doing its job and the temperature is warm enough that everything is finally sprouting! Although in the picture below you can not tell it!

Justin had begun to take out the extra growths and things are getting exciting!

We took a bulb of garlic that we hadn't used and that had begun to sprout a root and planted it as well. Its in my kitchen window and growing more everyday! I didn't know you could do that but I guess that it makes sense since it is a root plant. I also have two bundles of green onions growing in a vase of water. I bought them last week for a recipe. I Cut the greens off for the meal and put the roots into the water and they have already doubled their original size! I love this and I love fresh home grown vegetables!

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