Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Therapy (Cell Phone Post)

Yesterday Vada had physical therapy with Kim. Her developmental therapist sat in to see how she is doing because we will be starting DT in January. Justin had the day off so he came as well, which was a nice change. I think that yesterdays session was the best yet. Kim is so great and Vada works so hard with her. Kim tried new things with Vada yesterday. 


They did treadmill therapy first, as usual, but instead of holding Vada Kim decided to put Vada in the harness. I have a video that I will upload later when I'm home. Vada did great for it being her first time. Vada is pretty easy going when it comes to changing things up or trying out new things, which is such a blessing. The second thing that they did differently was the ramp or the slide-- its kind of a multi-purpose piece. I stood back and let Justin do all of the helping. I love being a part of her sessions so I thought that he would enjoy the involvement as well and I'm sure that he did. Truthfully, I think that Vada worked even harder because he was there. The DT was also thrilled with what Vada was and is doing. She said that Vada seems to be doing everything that she should be doing (besides the walking) but that she would still come once a month and if all else fails they would play together. That way she might be able to give me some ideas.

We pay twenty dollars a session after insurance pays their portion and while I don't usually discuss our finances this isn't that big of a deal to me. My point in telling how much therapy is costing us is that I would rather pay the twenty dollars to be reassured that were doing everything we can to help Vada reach her potential and to assure ourselves that she is not missing out on anything. Plus having the therapist comes gives me peace of mind as well and i find it comforting to have them to talk with and ask questions about any kinds of concerns that i may have. They may be Vada's team of therapists but they fall in a category of support for me as well. And the value of twenty dollars, in this case becomes priceless.

Anyway, when the DT said how impressed that she was with Vada my heart felt like it was about to burst!

And then at the end of the session when the DT had already stepped out Kim said how proud she was of Vada. She said she felt proud of her like she gets with her own children. What an amazing compliment and a testament of how much she cares. Vada is in good hands for sure!

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