Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dance lessons with Kiliegh and Vada

Tuesday Kiliegh took a semi-private belly dancing class. Vada came too. One of the things that Kiliegh's does that makes my heart jump for joy is when we go to her dance class she asks first to go early (because when there are other girls there she likes to get the floor first, for Vada) and second when we get there she gets excited to go dancing with her little sister.

Kiliegh seems to like dance. She takes it seriously. She works hard to learn the moves and she stays focused but what seems to make her proud is sharing the floor with Vada.

On this particular night Vada really, really tried to dance too. You have to watch the whole video to see Vada shake it but she does, its fantastic and the whole time the teacher and Kiliegh do their own thing. Before you watch I have to first say that I do ask if they mind that Vada is on the floor and they always say no. In fact they will ask Vada if she's going to dance every time we come in and just in case they do mind but are being super cool about it, I only let V on the floor for one song.

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Gramma Suzie said...

AWESOME video. I think Vada in dancing lessons would be WONDERFUL. Love You!!