Thursday, December 8, 2011

Number Two, Twice...

That's how many times Vada has gone poo in the potty!

No, i'm not potty training Vada, well, not officially anyway. My friend however is potty training her son. So when Vada began to poop in her bath this last Monday potty training immediately came to mind and I quickly picked Vada up and out of the bathtub and sat her directly on the toilet. At first Vada kind of froze. She looked at me with confusion and concern but she seriously seemed to understand the words that I began to speak. Basically, I told her to do her "business" and you know what, she did!

Was it a fluke? Or perfect timing? Maybe the beginning of something? Who knows. Im thinking it was probably number two-- as in perfect timing and not number two as in poop.  Either way, I was super proud of her and even more excited that she actually went in the toilet, regardless of how it came about. That night I decided that with no pressure attached or expectations, I would sit Vada on the toilet each evening before and possibly after her bath, just to let her get use to the idea.

Tonight I sat her on the toilet again and she began to pee and then she finished off with pooping! I couldn't believe it. I mean, I wanted it to happen but really I didn't think that it would-- but it did! She is amazing and I have never been so excited to talk about poop in my life!

We clapped. We cheered. We did "So Big" and we even sent Daddy a text because he is at work! Tonight we had a toilet bowl full of things to celebrate and I had to share the news!


Suzan said...

So exciting! Major milestone.

Ellen Stumbo said...

Yay! You know what is funny, Nichole always goes number two in the toilet, always, always, and she tells us when she has to go. Number 1, however, is a different story. She could care less! Let's hope V is not a rascal like mine!