Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Justin had to work a twelve hour day shift. Jasmine and Kiliegh were at their bio's and Vada and I spent the day together. We hung out all day. We played and she napped. I cleaned and she played. It was a typical day, only it was Christmas Eve. That evening we went to a special Church service where Vada received her first candy cane and learned more about the true meaning of Christmas.

Once we were home I let Vada have her Christmas gift from her Grandpa Augie and Grandma Suzan, it was too big to not notice.

I had left my cell phone at home while at church and after being home for only a few minutes I realized that I had missed a call from one of our closest friends who happen to live only a couple of blocks from us. They had invited us over for dinner and we gladly excepted their invitation. We spent a couple of fun hours just hanging out and catching up before we decided to head home.

Once we settled down for the night I was giddy for Justin to open his presents and I really wanted Vada to open hers as well. We always open one gift on Christmas Eve and while presents isn't what Christmas is all about, it felt odd to not do this small Christmas ritual now that Vada was here and old enough to do it with us. So Justin opened some of his gifts and then Vada got to open one of hers.

The tree had been up for around a week and there have been gifts under it since day one. Vada was at first curious but learned that she shouldn't bother with the tree or the packages and it was never an issue. When it was time for her to open her gift she was a bit confused. Like, why all of a sudden could she now have it...

I called her first tear a tester. She was feeling things out. Being cautious.

It didn't take long before she got the hang of it and had that decoy shoe box unwrapped and the lid fully removed.

The gift, you ask?

It was a "vintage" Leap Frog ABC Fun Food Magnet Set. I had to buy it used because it's no longer being made. I had been watching the price climb higher and higher over the past couple of months (on the only two left sets that I could find, online) and I was beginning to think that I wouldn't be able to get it but then one day I found it at a local children's thrift store! I was thrilled and while Vada hasn't come out and said it, I know that she is too!

After Vada and Justin finished opening their Christmas Eve gifts Vada was ready for more. She had had her taste of what was under the tree and she didn't want to stop tearing paper and playing. Luckily, since it was well past her bedtime, she was more than willing to call it a night and do some "rocky rock" time with her Mamma. Shes pretty easy going.

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Janie Fox said...

She and her mama are both adorable! Love the toy!!