Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Raw Amber Teething Necklace (Cell Phone Post)

I have been asked about Vada's necklace a lot. Either people know of the necklace for what it is, a natural pain reliever for teething babies/toddlers, or they think its a cute accessory. I like to think of it as both.

Most people want to know if it "works". While there's no "off" or "on" switch for the necklace, I do think that it is serving its intended purpose. It does look cute but its hard to tell for sure if it is in fact helping with Vada's teething pain. What I do know is that Vada has recently been cutting her lower second molars and I didn't know. Up until yesterday we just thought she was a little moody, which isn't normal for her but hey, she's almost two and who knows what that age will be like with her. I think I saw the new teeth on Saturday or Sunday and then her mood change made complete sense to me. However, even with her change in mood, she's very well behaved and very little has changed. Because all children are different and each deal with things like pain and teething differently, its hard to say if the teething necklace is doing any good. It's not harming anything and that I am sure of. If I had to say one way or the other and having gone through the teething process two other times with my older girls, I would say that I believe the necklace helps. ;)

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Ellen Stumbo said...

Nichole chews all the time! I should get her something like this and see if it works! For now, she likes barbie hands and her hair @@