Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seeing the Little Blue People

Jasmine, Vada and I went to see the Smurfs movie. I heard it was pretty bad but Jasmine wanted to see it and the Smurfs were one of my favorite cartoons as a child so I was all for it. Plus, as a bonus, the movie was showing at our savers theater. 

Ive mentioned before how Vada loves her some popcorn. It was actually one of the first solid foods that she would eat. Figure that one out!

How funny is it that Vada looks like she has buck teeth? It's popcorn but funny.
At the movies,  Jasmine was all about sharing her popcorn with Vada. At first she was handing Vada the pieces but Vada quickly became fed up with her sisters feeding speed and took it upon herself to get her own. It was the first time that I have ever seen her take one piece (of anything) at a time. She slid her tiny hand into the bag and searched for just the right piece and then she popped it into her mouth and chewed it quickly but carefully and continued to do so throughout the whole movie. Every now and again Vada would take a break and when she was ready for more she would pat on Jasmines arm and Jasmine would tilt the bag in Vada's direction. The whole time my heart was overflowing with pride. I was proud to see more social skills coming from Vada, she was showing more of a toddler personality than one of a baby. She will always be my baby, but with her being close to two years old now, seeing growth in an intellectual way is a pretty exciting. The thing that made my heart the warmest was watching Jasmine interact with Vada and vise versa. They have something beautiful together and I thank God daily for the relationships that Vada has with her sisters.

Smurfs, the movie, was pretty one star-ish (imho), but Jasmine liked it and Vada stayed awake and paid attention to it, so that's what counts.

And I am also glad to have been able to have had this moment with my girls.

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Janie Fox said...

cute pictures. I went to see it with Aubrie and Everett. They loved it. I was surprised at the Smurfs' eyes. They were really cool.