Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Favorite For Vada

Vada had had a couple of black eyes in her short (almost) two years of life. No joke, she really has had black eyes. Her first was from yours truly. Well, me and the vacuum. That's right, I hit her in the face while vacuuming. In my defence she wasn't very mobile at that time and she wasn't very fast when she was moving around. However, on the day of her first black eye I was vacuuming. I had placed her in the living room and went into the din, which dining room right next to each other and I began to vacuum. I hadn't been vacuuming more than five seconds when I hit her in the head. She came up from behind and never had a chance. I felt terrible and I cried with her. The bruise was instant and lasted for what seemed to be a whole life time, two weeks in a babies life practically is! Needless to say I have ever since kept a close eye on her while vacuuming. Now however, I let her sit in the room with me while I vacuum. I worry more about getting her fingers as she is chasing me around than I do about giving her another black eye. If I could figure out a way to place a seat for her on it I would and if someone does figure that one out I want in on the profits!

Its a fairly loud video, the vacuum is running throughout the majority of it but its cute and she is having a blast, plus if you watch you may get a glimpse of her secret dimple!!!

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