Friday, December 9, 2011

My Husband, Geppetto

My husband is one of those people who can do everything. Or so it seems. He's handy to say the least. If anything goes wrong in our house, pluming, roofing, electrical, cable and even sewing, he can do it. If the gardening needs done, he does it. He can build a house or build and decorate a cake. No joke. He's great and I am not just tooting my own horn I am just blessed and proud to be married to him.

This year we were invited to his nieces birthday party. She lives in North Carolina with Justin's brother and sister in law and their newest addition James Aaron. Justin's parents and his sister as well as his sisters family were also invited and since we were all able to make it, we decided to also celebrate Christmas together. Justin wanted to make his niece and nephews their gifts, he wanted them to be unique and special because this time that we were going to have together would be just that, unique and special.

The first gift was a three piece puzzle. My idea. I thought of it because Vada often uses puzzles that look exactly like this during her therapy sessions, only the therapists puzzles have knobs that are too large for her tiny hands. So I asked Justin to make two puzzles, one for V and one for his nephew "J".
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I loved how J's turned out. His was the green puzzle. The colors ended up being really vivid but I wasn't too impressed with how I had painted V's...
So I changed her's up a bit and I really liked the final results.

The next gifts were for his two nephews from Road Island, Asher and Fitch.
These two "trucks" had to have taken him the longest. They were made the same because orginally he couldnt thing of what he really wanted to make for J so he was going to make one completely opposite in wood coloring and his two nepphews in RI would have one of each. Then we thought of the puzzle and that seemed to be a better idea for J's toy. I think that it was and I also think that by both of the boys getting the same toy it just helps the arguing that may occur later on. There both the same, no biggie.
I am truly always impressed with what Justin creates. Maybe I should be use to it by now but it just keeps getting better and better. I think by the boys reactions they too were pretty excited with what their Uncle had made for them. Below is Justin's nephew Asher for whatever reason between Justin and I taking pictures, neither one of us got one with J or Fitch and their gifts. Too bad too because those boys are precious and cute, cute, cute!
The final gift was for Louisa, the birthday girl. Justin built her her very first doll house. To put a small twist to it he made it into a puzzle as well. That way, when she was done playing it or if Mom and Dad wanted to easily put it away they could and it would take little room. Justin made it so that it could easily slide under a bed or even a couch if need be.
He used some pink stain and then sanded it off some to make it look vintage-like.
I found a great wooden doll family set online and together that was Justin's final creation. This whole month I have been calling him Geppetto, you know Pinocchio's wood working father.., I think the name fits him well.

Curious as to what Justin's next project is? I need a book shelf for Vada's room. Can you guess where I am going to find that perfect shelf ?

I bet you can.


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Leah said...

Majorly impressed! My hubby is handy too, but doesn't turn out such beautiful work. Those toys are absolutely priceless and I hope they'll be treasured for years to come.

Ellen Stumbo said...

Very impressed!!! I want my husband to learn how to make all of that! How fun, I mean really, he can make anything you need!