Saturday, December 31, 2011

Men and Their Staches

Every year, for the past several years, a group of Justin's male friends get together and have a "healthy competition" of Who can grow a better stache and every year Justin cheats. Typically, because of his work schedule, Justin is unable to make it to the kick off of this particular competition, which happens somewhere around Thanksgiving (and ends sometime before Christmas). Therefore, no one actually knows that he already had a full face of hair to begin with. "Cheating", may be a bit of an over statement considering there's no actual prize to this competition-- other than a boost to the "winning" man's ego. The real prize is the money that is raised and then donated to a local Child Abuse Council.
Im not going to lie and say that I enjoy this bit of "men being men" because I don't. In fact I think its all pretty gross and at times a bit embarrassing. This year, every time I looked into Justin's eye's I thought of this guy...

and while I think Will Ferrel is hilarious, I don't want to have "relations" with him in any shape or form! So visualizing this guy while being close with my husband kind of made me gag! 

It was however, all for a good cause and thankfully it is also all over!

So with out further ado... The men and their Staches...

As the saying goes... "Behind every great man is a great ass" err.., what I meant was, "Behind every great man stands a great woman." Which in fact was the case here and we liked showing our support with the "finger staches".
The 2011 Mustache Bash was a blast! It was the first time in over three years that Justin and I were able to go to this particular event together and it was the first time that we hired a baby sitter who was a non family member to watch Vada! The group raised a great deal of money and we all had a good time together.
One of our local news stations even gave notice to the event this year, which added to the evening.
This night wasn't done just for fun or for benefiting a worthy cause,  it was also done in memory of a friend of my husbands and many others who were at this party. A couple of years ago their friend Kyle, passed away after fighting a long battle with cancer and the Mustache Bash took on a new name, "KJ's Mustache Bash" and it is honor of him that we celebrated.


The before and afters are huge and I don't miss one single hair! It was a fun night but I am glad to have my husband back. So until next year, good bye gross food catching facial hair and hello to the man that I married.

When I started taking these guys pictures (with the help of my husband) I had a plan to name each man's stashe in mind. However, because so many of these fella's decided to play it safe and do very similar "do's" I thought that I would add this handy Moustache-O-Rama Chart, so that you could help me name them with the use of this interactive chart. Click on the picture below and hover over each mustache to get their names.

On a final note, I thought that it would be fun to show off our group in its earlier years of raising money for the Child Abuse Council. These were taken before the group started doing it yearly Mustache Bash.

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