Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Heart Happy

In some religions, the dove represents the Holy Spirit. A dove can also symbolize peace.

This morning I dreaded getting up. I was nervous about Vada's cardiologist appointment this afternoon. 

Vada's last cardiologist appointment was three months ago and that's when we were told that V still had a VSD (after having gone through a Complete AV Canal repair/open heart surgery) and what I remembered as a leaking valve or artery and what looked like the beginning of Pulmonary Hypertension. We thought that we wouldn't set an appointment again for another year only we were handed some scary "possibilities" and sent home with another check up in three month. That appointment was today.

As I was getting a cup of coffee (my second a.m. cup in over a month) Justin spotted a dove sitting on our porch  As I stood inhaling the aromas of a good roasted bean and warming my hands from the warmth that had radiated throughout my mug, Justin said that maybe this dove was a sign from God, maybe it was sent to us as a sign that everything was going to be okay and you know what? It was!

Vada had a ECHO today and afterward the doctor came in and explained that what he seen and heard during the last ECHO and exam  (three months ago), he could no longer find or hear today! He could still hear the leaking valve and the leaking artery but that it looked as if the VSD is no longer there! We bring V back to him in six month, not three and as long as she is doing well and is healthy, then we wont plan on doing another ECHO t the six month check up! Isn't that amazing? If that isnt a miracle from God Himself then I don't know what is! Vada's cardiologist, Dr. Bramlet, said that he was extremely happy with how V is doing and that he wanted to emphasize on the fact that she. is. doing. great! 

Today, before I left, I posted this post on Facebook...
In the words of Beth Moore, "I need a little Jesus." So, i am heading to my women's group at church and then to Peoria. There was a beautiful Dove sitting on our deck this morning, Justin said I think this is God trying to calm your heart with a small sign that everything will be okay today. Please lift Vada up in your prayers.

I had many replies on Facebook, via email and through texts and they continued throughout the day. People all over were saying prayers for our daughter and for her well being. Thank you! Thank you for loving our daughter and for taking a moment today to pray for her and to send your love our way! I know that God heard all of us, I know it because our prayers were answered. Thank you.

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