Monday, August 6, 2012

Paintings and Projects

For the last.., I dunno, two, maybe three years these three stripes have been in what seems like every single picture that I took. 

 They were the main topic of conversation because everyone wanted to know what color we were using for our living room.

What no one seemed to notice was that our kitchen was already painted the green and our dining room is the yellow color. The tan was what my husband wanted but it wasn't what I liked. I wanted a orange almost a rust color.

We settled on a warmer neutral color and then decided to do our outdoor doors the rust-like color.

I finally started to re-do Vada's rocking chair. I found four colors that I really liked. The choices are below but aren't visibly that appealing, at least not in these photos that I took with my cell phone. But you get the idea.

I showed the color samples to Justin and asked him to choose. I knew that the colors were vibrant yet bold and I wanted him to feel comfortable with what was sitting in our living room, V loves rocking in it while she is watching Signing Time, she actually rocks in it. 

I was surprised with his choice but I love it!

Justin's dad Jim got this Chair form an auction knowing that I would be refinishing it. It was a perfect find, hes good like that though!

The chair is made of Pine and this is what it looked like under the stain. It was pretty neat but the seat of the chair was not in as good of  condition.

It's took a lot of work and I have at least one more coat of paint to do but I cant wait to give it back to V so that she can have it back. I know that she is missing it because she goes into her room and climbs onto the one that I rock her in and tries to rock it herself.

Surprisingly, Justin choose the Wild Watermelon which is another tent of pink. I was surprised by his choice because when we found out V was a girl (during the pregnancy) he asked if the house would be full of pink stuff. Now I love girly things like leggings and dresses, ribbons and bows but I am not a huge fan of pink, pink, pink, a little splash here and there is great though and this chair will be the perfect amount of splash that we we need.

My next project? Justin is building me this below. I plan on painting it similar to the photo as well! So excited. I am also beginning to collect big frames with lots of character. Im not for sure how I will decorate our main wall in the living room but it will either be with different framed mirrors, different empty frames or different frame filled with the girls' painting and drawings.., what do you think?

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April Vernon said...

I love the color you all chose for the living room. It must feel good having that project finished!