Friday, August 24, 2012

At The Table

Vada had breakfast at the table this morning. Well, she does everyday but the difference about this morning is where she sat and it wasn't in her high chair!

 Vada sits in her high chair almost all of the time however, these last couple of months she has been sitting really well without any high chair or booster seat --like when were out at a restaurant or at a friends house. 

She can barely see over our table top but she loved being a "big girl" while eating her oatmeal.

As I was coming to the table with her cereal she signed eat, pounded her tiny fist onto the table top and then signed eat again. It was as if she was telling me to put the bowl down right here. 

I was taking pictures of her feet. Its funny to me that they come straight out without bending. She is so small, yet so big! While I was getting the photo that I wanted she peeked under and gave me this look. She may not vocalize too many words but to me, here, she is telling me to put the camera down and to get back to my business of feeding her! 

Look at these little legger sticking out!

And when we were all done, this is what I got... big 'ol puppy dog eyes.

 I think breakfast may be served at the table and her sitting on a "big girl chair" for now on. :)


Whole Sale Toner said...

Brave little girl.... on the chair thanks for sharing.....

Whole Sale Toner said...

Awesome pics nice to see that girl on the chair.....