Monday, August 6, 2012

Meeting Rachel Coleman: Signing Time Live

In July Justin, Vada and I headed to Peoria to see Signing Time Live. It was a big day for Vada for two reasons, one because of Signing Time -- she loves that show and has learned so much from the videos, heck we all have! The second reason was that on this particular day we finally turned V's car seat around so that she was forward facing. That's right, up until now she has been rear facing but she is a big girl now and doing big girl things!

Signing Time was fun. We ran into one of V's "BFF's" from our local GiGi's and as soon as V spotted Kayla V became super excited. We all sat together for the show.

The moment Hopkins and Rachel walked onto the stage Vada was in a trance.

Ive been asked a lot how Rachel pulled off the show without Alex (her nephew) and Leah (her daughter), since both are in their early teens they no longer fit into the theme of the show as little tots anymore. So to give an answer, ill tell you what I have told them, Rachel did a really, really good job. She was entertaining and funny and almost sarcastic at times. I thought the show was great!

Rachel pulled people on stage and interacted with the children in the audience. She did an amazing job of morphing back and forth into the Rachel that you see on the videos, to her "normal" Rachel self. 

A man in front of us, in the V.I.P. section handed us his bubbles which were given to the V.I.P.s only. I thought that was really sweet and V did s well.

We didnt get V.I.P. tickets this time but we will next year, if Rachel comes back to our area again. I hope that she does too, Vada will be older then and I think that she will really be excited to see the show again. 

After the show everyone was given the opportunity to meet Rachel in person. We stood in line for maybe thirty minutes before getting our chance and it was well worth the short wait!

I brought V's Potty Time book and one of the Dvd's from her collection and we were able to get a personalized autograph.

While we waited V flirted with the big eyed green "man" whom we ST fans know as Hopkins and once it was our turn to speak to Rachel Vada even waved to her. 

When we went to take a group photo Vada got too close to Hopkins and kind of freaked out a bit, she practically jumped out of my arms and into Rachel's.

I was kind of shocked. I think we all were. 

 But we got a few really nice photos...

...and then Vada had second thoughts and jumped right back to me.

We had a really fun day. I am so glad that we were able to go and that the timing was perfect with Justin's work schedule so that he could go as well.

Oh and I almost forgot, well, I actually did forget and I had to come back and update this post (8/9/12).

One of the coolest things that I have ever watched was the Communication Junction group at the show, every worker there knew sign language and was using it fluently. You know how when you go to shows like this one or concerts you'll see the workers using walkie talkies or some electronic devices to communicate between them? Well, there was nothing electronic about the way that the Communication Junction team communicated with each other (unless you count the goosebumps I kept getting from watching them as electrifying...sorry, I may be kind of a dork). Anyway, the group signed everything from one side of the room to the other. It was beautiful and intriguing and WOW I so want to learn sign language when V is in elementary! Imagine, having a conversation with someone across the street from you or at a restaurant with out having to open your mouth. I get only a small fraction of this when my family and I sign between ourselves in public like when my girls have to go to the restroom or when they are hungry but this small amount of non verbal communication is so helpful!

Also, I am adding this crappy video clip that I took on my cell phone of Rachel doing a piece in the show. The reason that I am sharing it with you is I want you to try to listen to the child in the back ground throwing a huge fit. How embarrassing! Now don't get me wrong, if you have a child then you know very well that kids throw temper tantrums where ever they darn well please and sometimes even the strongest of parents get embarrassed, I am not judging by any means! Promises. The thing is and what I failed to get on film was Rachel's casual but comical comeback. This lady is fun-ny!

So, Rachel is teaching signs and signing and then she says something about tantrum and teaches that sign and throws in a few comical words and goes on with the show. I guess you had to be there or at the very least you need a better story teller than I but her personality is one that I like because she did this all in a funny way but somehow also in a way that wouldn't have embarrassed me if that very unhappy little guy little was mine.

 So that's all of the parts that I forgot to add but felt that I had to tell you!

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Abbey Cook said...

Tara- I'm so glad that you had a great time at the concert. I love hearing that all of our hard work paid off for the little ones (and families) that attended. Would you mind if I shared your post on the Communication Junction Facebook Page?