Saturday, August 18, 2012

When Did They Grow Up?

It seems to have happened over night. One moment Jasmine was my baby, my only child and then in what seemed like a blink of an eye she has grown into a preteen. She is no longer clinging to my ankles and hasn't been there for quite a long time. She has her own personality that's often makes me wonder where she's picked up certain traits from. She begun seventh grade and has now officially been abducted by your church..!!..? Wait.., what!?! 

That's right, this morning our drive way was full of vehicles and people who were here to take my daughter on a initiation of sorts, into our church catalyst group.

They woke her up and took her off to enjoy her first day as a FUPC catalyst member. 

 She was excited and I was so proud of her, who she is and who she is becoming. She is going to be alright, this girl really has her head on straight and I couldn't be prouder to be her Mom. 

You know that saying, "It takes a village"? Well, I never really believed it until recently. The more (healthy, positive and well rounded) family and friends that are involved in the upbringing of a child's life, may actually be better than I once thought.

And then there was this picture of Vada that made me realize I must be walking around with my eyes closed because I didn't see her change from my baby girl to my toddler...

but look at this girl who is now very much a little girl who has grown considerably this summer, maybe even over the last couple of weeks!

And she isn't the only one! We went to our 2 & Under group at GiGi's today. Its been awhile since we've been there due to all of the summer activities, but all of the group had gone through huge changes! Two kiddo's had started school, one was in her second year of preschool, the other was just beginning. (some of the kids in our group are over three years old but because of the small amount of children that age we kind of combine our groups which is great because they are all friends.

And today the group welcomed a new friend who is pretty close to V's age but younger! There are a couple of babies in our group that attend off and on but before this addition Im pretty for sure that V was the youngest by about six months and for awhile there her age difference was evident. Now she is no longer the youngest or the smallest (I think and besides the babies).

And what about Miss Kiliegh? 

Well, she is at her dad's this week but I have noticed drastic changes in her over the summer, as well. She has embraced what it feels like to be the oldest sibling (at her dads) and I think that she really likes what that feels like. She is a little less shy and knows herself more than she did last year at this time. She started fourth grade and for the first time she has a male teacher whom she says that she really likes. 

Have I mentioned lately that I love being a mom?
I love what family is and where my family is going!

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